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Analogues to stripper poles, eh? Motorcycles? Construction equipment (like the cliched jackhammer?) But I must say, male ballroom dancers are HOT!! Even if they're 5'2" and 300 lbs, if they can lead a lady adeptly, that's very erotic for those in the know.

When I think of a stereotypical sexy guy, and being completely superficial, I think of (in order) chest hair, top-heavy muscles, sensual lips, and knowing eyes. Maybe a nice shock of curly hair. YMMV! I can't really think of anything they could do to just be hot immediately/visually, other than being a good, attentive dancer. But I think a lot of women can agree...that the sexiest thing a guy can do is to be "in the moment" and paying attention to his love interest. Which applies to being a good dance partner, so....