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Originally Posted by kopek View Post
I could live (sorry -- bad pun intended) with a couple of those during my funeral; the classics are often the best. One though that I have warned my wife and cousins will cause me to claw my way out of my casket and start the zombie apocalypse ---- On Eagles Wings. I can't explain just why but that song, especially at funerals, is just nails-on-a-chalkboard to me.
Heh. I was born in 1968 just in time for the 1970s wasteland of Catholic music, so of course my best friend's funeral (1988) featured OEW. Flash forward 20+ years to a friend's daughter's funeral -- again with the OEW! NOOOO!

Whenever there is some amorphous glurge being sung, I always look down and (c) 1987. And it's someone like Marty Haugen or Iona Community.