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Aside from normal Jewish music, I think I'd like someone to play the Indigo Girls' "Closer to Fine." I think it's appropriate, and it's also close to my heart, because on the day of my college graduation, which was an outdoor ceremony with no alternative location, it was raining in sheets when I woke up, so I skipped it, and made a pot of tea, which I drank by myself, while I played this song over and over on the stereo. It's about knuckling under and finishing college, and by having a certain amount of higher learning, earning the right to question authority, and when authority doesn't answer, ultimately be OK with ambiguity. The less you look to other people for the secret to life, the closer you are to "fine." But part of the point of it is that you do need to jump through the hoops first, or it's just rebellion, not wisdom.

But other than that, I would stick to Jewish music. Call me old fashioned. Or observant. I think most people find tradition and fulfilled expectations comforting.