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Time Machine Grocery List

I'm sure others have started threads on this same topic before, but I wasn't there at the time; though I could be if I got my wish, and then this thread would vanish as if it never had been.

If I had a time machine, I would go back and buy myself cartloads of a lot of things:

the original Joico K-Pak
corn flavor Australian Toaster Biscuits
5th Avenue bars, before Hershey bought them and ruined them completely
same goes for Cadbury Mini Eggs (the hard-shelled ones)
the original Riviera Minestrone
Campbell's Chili Beef soup
the original Ranch dressing. and some Roquefort dressing too, dammit!
butternut squash, back when they used to stain my hands orange from beta-carotene
the original Tripp black stretch jeans (way better-made, alas)
R.H. Philips Night Harvest Cuvee Rouge

I know there are more. I'll come back and rant when I remember them.

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