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Originally Posted by Balthisar View Post
McDonald's apple pies. The deep-fried kind. I'd try to get them raw so that I could freeze them and cook them upon demand, though.
THEY DON'T HAVE THEM ANYMORE??? WHA--?? Dang, those were good.

I'd go back to around 1970 and stock up on Big John's Beans & Fixins. The little separate can had chopped onions in a barbecue-tomato-y sauce. I don't know if they even sell this product anymore, but the last time I bought it (maybe 10 years ago) the little can just had a paste of some kind in it. Blech.

Also, small frozen button mushrooms... don't remember the brand-- Birdseye, JGG? My first husband used to do them up in a pan with butter and Worcestershire sauce. With an artichoke, a gin & tonic, watching the original Upstairs Downstairs (c. 1973), a nice evening. Of course, if that product were available, I'd have to call him up for the recipe. Never mind.

Howard Johnson's frozen shrimp croquettes. Very deliciousl