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Medieval peasant vs modern American diet- which is healthier?

Take the diet/eating habits of an agrarian peasant in England from 1000- 1300 CE and compare it to that of your average urban American in 2017 CE. Which diet is the 'healthier' of the two? By 'healthier' I mean more conducive to disease resistance, physical fitness, and longevity. From the research Ive done, it seems the medieval peasant ate a very simple diet that would make a modern dietician cream his pants- whole grains, fruits and veggies when in season, legumes, and little meat (apparently the average person eating meat on a regular basis doesn't even become a thing till the advent of factory farming). Their food was also minimally processed and refined sugars and grains were unheard of. However, these people lived a complete hand to mouth existence, with scarcity and famine not at all being uncommon. Lack of refridgeration, food safety standards, etc probably made foodborne ilness common.

The typical American on the other hand probably has access to more food and a greater variety of food than even the nobles of the middle ages. But everone knows how 'bad' the standard American diet is. The diet is rich in meats and other animal products, refined grains, refined sugars, oils, and highley processed foods. The average American is incredibly well fed and his food is subject to rigorous safety regulations before being certified for consumption.

Which one of these is healthier, taking all factors listed and any ones not listed into account.

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