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One area where primitive diets were superior to modern ones was dental hygiene. Dental carries (cavities) were fairly rare in societies that did not have ready access to refined sugar and still are in the relatively few places where that is still true. I took an excellent class in college called Bones, Bodies and Disease taught by a well-known forensic anthropologist. We had to learn to diagnose diseases presented in actual skeletons that were anywhere from hundreds to thousands of years old.

The one thing that almost all of them had was a beautiful set of teeth despite the lack of modern dental products and dentistry. The lack of refined sugar combined with some grit in their diet kept their mouth in really good shape. We also learned that dental health went to absolute shit when refined sugar became readily available especially in Europe and would still be a huge problem today if we didn't invent decent toothbrushes, fluoridated water and everything else that keeps the ever-encroaching decay at bay.

That said, a nice smile was one of the only benefits of such a diet. Vitamin deficiencies were common especially in the northern latitudes. They got rickets because of a lack of Vitamin D, scurvy because of a lack of Vitamin C (especially sailors) and lots more. A modern American diet may make many people fat but it rarely causes malnutrition and severe vitamin deficiencies that were once common.