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Of ducks at night in Provence I cannot speak. Though I mightily wish to visit and thence learn of them.

But I have lived on a large lake in the US Midwest near a small island therein. From this sublime experience I can say that Canada Geese in large number definitely have an elaborate ritual of each honking goodnight to each and every flock-mate in turn before retiring for their well-earned nightly rest.

Only to be aroused several times overnight by the wind, a squirrel, or perhaps the motion of the Moon. Each incident of which requires thorough discussion by the assembled multitudes. Who, after thoroughgoing debate having eventually reached consensus on the cause and effect of the disturbance at hand, and duly having voted a collective response thereunto, must then each wish every other in turn a good night and most pleasant sleep.

Until awakened anew by the next squirrel, Moon, or what have you. What a busy nocturnal life these eminently social and voluble creatures lead. Who indeed knew that so few brain cells could trigger so much discussion on so many topics of urgent interest?

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