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Originally Posted by Shagnasty View Post
That is a pseudo-science cite that isn't accurate at all. The only thing that is accurate in the "article" is that dentistry is ancient practice. That doesn't mean that most people required it though. Oddly enough, dentistry and even sophisticated brain surgery predate the wheel in parts of the world like South America. Those were anomalies however. Most people in pre-agricultural societies had very good teeth.
You are arguing "pre-agricultural societies"

Trancephalic is arguing: preindustrial

He is correct: Plenty of preindustrial foods were worse for your teeth than candy.

as side note:

The OP is asking for: agrarian peasant in England from 1000- 1300 CE .

And yes, we eat far healthier.

Now yes, you could go back then, as a noble or rich middle class, and eat better than today. But few did. Nobles ate all sorts of bad stuff. Gout and tooth decay were common, as well as a host of other dietary issues.