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Originally Posted by DrDeth View Post
Blasters and Phasers dont seem to be any much better than modern small arms. Except Phasers can stun.
Well, Phasers are intelligent weapons. They can heat a rock to glowing heat or, just as easily, completely disintegrate a person leaving no residue, depending on the current need :-)

I once read an article (Larry Niven? Isaac Asimov?) on the whole idea of laser pistols. Apparently, not a really great idea. If the other guy is wearing the right color garment, it might just (briefly) reflect off. And you don't get a nice hole when you shoot someone -- you get, at the cost of a massive expenditure of energy, a messy sort of steam explosion. Hard to see any real benefit vs passing a piece of high velocity steel or lead through the same object. Maybe for long distances, you don't have to worry about windage or gravity, but you do have to worry about diffraction and beam spreadage. Also, if there are any specular surfaces around, you could put your eye out.

Also, I wouldn't want to be *anywhere* around a variable sword or any other type of monofilament infinitely sharp weapon unless I was wearing a protective suit, because the mere idea of fighting or even being in the same room with a flailing length of "cut anything in half" gives me the willies.