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Originally Posted by mixdenny View Post
I always thought the Star Wars laser cannons were silly. Speed of light weapon that has no targeting and has to be aimed from a WWII ball turret, like a B52.

A lot of Star Wars "silly" stuff is what makes it so good. Yes, it needs a LOT of fan-wonking, but...

Not a great show if everyone is blowing up everyone else from bunkers and ships so far away no one sees anything.

The WWII turrets with flash-zip-bang and screeching fighters were way cool. I fan-wonked the noise by imagining that they had wired the ships to provide better auditory feedback.

But it was pretty cool how a farmhand or pilot could basically take their ships and droids apart, maybe slap on a patch or modification, put it back together, and off you go...

It's a return to pirate movies and a retreat from 2001: a Space Odyssey.

I guess my point is that things ought to be a bit silly.

(BTW- despite my above post, I hated the episode VII planet buster. What!? a biggerer betterer planet buster? What will they think of next?)