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Originally Posted by BeepKillBeep View Post
This is not so. The Death Star was bristling with turbo laser and blaster batteries. We even see them in the movies. The Death Star definitely did not need escort ships.
The DS was armed to hold off capital ships, not fighter attacks. Even when the republican forces started their attack run, they only had 30 x and y wings, so when Darth takes it to them, they only had maybe four or five ties on screen, when they should have had 10 or 20 squadrons hitting the republicans in a meeting engagement, even before they got within range of the DS.

The only thing that we can conclude from this, is that the DS was designed to be assaulted by Imperial forces, should the commander of said DS go rogue and reach for the purple. As that worthy would have been the second most powerful man in the galaxy, with no apparent fail safes.