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Originally Posted by TSBG View Post
Well, people really ought to eat carrot greens--they are delicious and healthy--but it's not true that the only alternative is iceberg. Perhaps you've noticed, for example, the vogue for kale?
"Most people" are not urban trendsters. "Most people" have the iceberg and tomato slice on their big mac or DoubleDown as their two a day, IME.
And my local Trader Joe's carries at least 5-6 varieties of apple, often more. (And there is still regional diversity by the way--you can't find Macintosh or Empire apples in CA. Maybe at a Whole Paycheck.)
Yet most people are going to get a Delicious...
Also, I don't think that eating songbirds is an indication of how great the choices were.
I didn't say they were great choices. Just that they had them.