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Originally Posted by jz78817 View Post
what makes you think a peasant back then had even the faintest notion of fiber, calories, or other nutrition?
I know you weren't responding to me, but actually - yeah, they did. Not in so many words, but people managed to eat dinners for eons before nutritional science, and will go long afterwards even if it it ends up debunked. Our bodies are really, really good at pointing us towards good sources of energy, and given half the chance will urge us to find nutritionally-complete meals as well.*

There are entire cuisines dedicated to extracting maximum value of calories, sometimes in pretty strange ways, or trying things until they could make a weird or barely-edible energy source palatable. Peasants around the world had to work hard to get by, and they needed a lot of energy to keep going. For example, the Medieval French wine industry produced drinks that were absolutely packed with calories. They didn't know what a calorie was, but they knew it was fuel for the body.

*Not that's it's always possible, and there are a few diets which are satisfying but missing some vital nutrients. Also, some places on earth are annoyingly lacking in some of the relatively rare micro-nutrients - and the exact cause of local problems wasn't necessarily discovered until the 20th century.