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Originally Posted by smiling bandit View Post
This is pretty absurd, and the implication outside of the enlightened "urban trendsters" nobodies eats vegetables is frankly ridiculous.
Well, sure, if you classify pizza sauce as a vegetable...
You can walk into nearly any supermarket in America and find between four and six varieties of apple, depending on the season.
Sure, but people buy and eat Delicious.
Fresh fruit you can actually eat beats imaginary food that doesn't exist, no matter how good your imagination.
Sure, imagination...
Second, nobody in Medieval anywhere had "dozens of varieties" of anything. Even in season, you would have access to one variety of apple, or any other fruit or vegetable, if you were lucky.
Bullshit. They had different apple varietals for different purposes, just like we do. Those are just English varietals, France had more. Pliny reported 2 dozen kinds. But I'm sure none of those made it to the Middle Ages. in Italy..[
If you didn't happen to live near an orchard, then you might be able to gather some apples of a random tree that happened to be on your land, or barter with a trader.
Most people were peasants, they all "happened to live" near orchards or gardens.
They were likely to be rather sour if not grafted by an experienced grower.
Yes, it would doubtless be hard to find experienced pomiculturalists in areas where people had made their living as farmers for generations

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