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Originally Posted by steveisoverthere View Post
An update of sorts. Property manager says I am the only one who seems to be having this problem in the whole complex. Not sure how that is possible. Pest control says to consider other areas where I go regularly as possible places where I'm picking these up, then getting them into my car, then transporting them into the house. Seems a little crazy to think fleas would travel that far, unless they just got in my car once and are staying there and that's why I bring them into the house.
Well ... then best you can do is bug bomb your place ... that will kill the fleas and worms but not the eggs ... so bug bomb again in two weeks and then two weeks after ... that should clear the problem ...

It is possible that you are bring in the fleas from someplace else ... but it's a long shot ... how much are you getting bitten up? ... fleas have to feed and they feed only on blood ... if they're not eating you then what are they eating ... and if they're not eating how are they breeding ...

Have you been able to make friends with the stray cats yet? ... Cars make terrible vectors for pestilence like this ... whereas God created the beasts of the field to be perfect flea vectors ... haha ... the Old Man has a sense of humor ...

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