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Originally Posted by Nema98 View Post
Maybe rat infestation, although I believe the pest control guy would have realized it.
I think this may be the real problem. Rats or mice. We had this problem when I was a child. Our house and yard were infested with rats, and that led to a huge flea problem. The rats were in the walls, on the roof, in the trees. We didn't get rid of the fleas until we got rid of the rats (we had to use bait poison ultimately).

You might try setting out some rat traps or have the pest people come back and look for rodents specifically rather than fleas.

I think it's highly unlikely that you are bringing fleas back at this level from some unknown place. They're coming from somewhere near you. Rats, or someone in the compound close to you has a huge problem that they simply have not admitted to management (possibly due to an unallowed pet or hoarding or who knows what).

Other than that, you can have the pest people spray regularly, since it seems this problem will not resolve. You may simply have to move, which is a pain, but getting bitten by fleas forever is not worth living there.