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I only have tile, no carpet. I don't know enough about the cats because I don't feed them, I only see them around the cars in the neighborhood, or sometimes they've been near my specific unit because there's like a big patch of mulch in front that I've seen it (or them) crawling on now and then. So there are two units on the first floor and two units on the second floor of my "block" in the complex. No pet owners in the block of four. If I'm the only one complaining, I could just be in an unfortunate location in the block in that I'm closest to this mulchy area and the bushes. Two apartments on the second floor probably are far enough up that they aren't affected, and the tenant next door to me may just not notice (or not care, or has no problem.) I think I'm just going to check again with the property manager that the pest control company can't do some sort of outdoor treatment, that would help. I might try walking around outside my unit with white socks too, to see if I can't spot a bunch jumping on me. If anything, I might ask if I can switch units if a vacancy opens up, or I guess just move if that's the only way I can get any attention! Thanks for your help!!