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I second someone else has a worse problem they won't admit to.

When we moved into a new place, our cats got fleas, probably from previous pets. Probably dog fleas that will settle for cats, but don't breed on them as readily, because we got rid of them fairly easily. We combed fleas off the cats, so they were there, and one cat had scabs. We used Comfortis, an internal treatment, plus an external treatment-- a generic Sentinel. One treatment of each, and the fleas were gone. In two weeks we couldn't comb any off the cats. We treated again this month, because we had extra doses of the stuff, and why not be sure? but the scabs had totally healed on the one cat, and we couldn't comb a single flea (yes, using a flea comb).

My point is, if we got rid of them that easily with pets in the apartment, then I think you have some source close by. I can't believe they are all just coming in with you, if you don't work at the animal shelter, or some place like that. I also can't believe they live in your car: they'd starve.

I'm going to second asking for another unit in your complex. You won't have to reapply, and make another deposit. Or maybe you can get them to inspect for illegal pets.

One thing I love about my complex is that they require tenants with pets to submit up-to-date vaccination records. I wish other places made sure pets in residence were taken care of.