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Originally Posted by steveisoverthere View Post
Hard to determine how often I get bit because sometimes there are multiple bites and I don't know when they each got there. Bites are all primarily on my lower legs ankles and feet. I bought some flea traps recently. In the last two or so weeks, the traps have caught about 20 fleas. Have the traps spread out in the living room bedroom and bathroom. Living room and bedroom seem to be the main areas. I read that without an animal host such as a dog, fleas are not likely to produce eggs because they don't feed on humans long enough. So I'm assuming that I am tracking them from outside...oh well, I will just keep up with the vacuuming
Yes, you could be tracking them in from outside ... but you could also have flea larvae in your floorboards. Those buggers can live like that for a long time and them rise up and hatch. There's been documented cases of them hiding out for years.

When you vacuum, do you empty or change the bag immediately? Because if you don't they will hop out of the bag .. if you vacuumed up larvae they will hatch. If it's a disposable bag take the bag out and dispose of it as soon as you're finished. Don't leave the bag in the machine, take the entire bag out and put it in the dumpster. If it's a cup that needs emptying, empty that into a trash bag, seal the bag, and take the bag to the dumpster.

Some people say using diatomaceous earth helps ... put some in the vacuum bag. Supposedly it cuts the fleas to pieces. I dunno about that one.

You may need another treatment or two from the pest control company. They need to do your apartment and the immediate vicinity outside too.

Good luck to you, fleas can be tenacious.
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