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It could be the squirrels, if you're seeing those. If the cats aren't actually coming in and out of your unit, I can't imagine that you're really getting that many fleas from them.

Mice you might be seeing and you might not, especially if you're not looking for them, or don't know what to look for.

The other thing to investigate is what pesticide was used when your unit was treated for fleas. It could be that it's a type that is no longer fully effective in your area, and that you've still got fleas laying eggs in your apartment. You might need treatment with a different pesticide and it will need to be repeated at least once, and possibly twice more, to make sure that you've caught any hatching fleas and interrupted reproduction.

I had something similar happen with my dogs when Frontline stopped working as a treatment and I had to switch to another treatment for them. It still works in some parts of the country, but not here. Just a thought.