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Kale Chips CANNOT Replace Potato Chips

No, you can push all the "Eat This, Not That"-type of propaganda you want, but kale chips are NOT an acceptable substitute for potato chips. Kale chips are bitter and nasty. And only someone who is so obnoxiously pure so as to never have tasted a potato chip in their entire life could EVER suggest that kale chips could make a plausible stand-in for George Crum's sublime creation.

And don't come me with that, "Well, if you make your own kale chips, they will taste much better." Goddammit, I work from dawn to nine everyday, and I don't need another little chore, thank you very much. Nobody ever insisted that I should make my own potato chips, and now I need to clean, chop, bake, and wash-up just to have a crunchy snack? What kind of world are we living in?

By the way, George Crum was a mixed-blood African and Native American, so if you try to get people to choose kale chips over potato, you are probably a racist.