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What/Who are the best "Chewing the Scenery" Films/Actors?

In case anyone isn't familiar with the term, "Chewing the Scenery" is defined as: Displaying excessive emotion or acting in an exaggerated manner while performing; to be melodramatic; to be flamboyant. Normally this is considered to be a Bad Thing, worthy of criticism and ridicule, but on occasion there is a need for it and actors (and by this I mean good actors, not some refugee from a SyFy monster movie) use it to enhance the movie.

Reason I mention it is I just watched "Buckaroo Banzai", where John Lithgow, who has won more than a few awards for his undeniable acting ability, simply owns the movie with his way over-the-top portrayal of alien-possessed Dr. Emil Lizardo ("Sealed with a curse as sharp as a knife; doomed is your soul and dammed is your life.")

The other one that come immediately to mind is Brian Blessed as the Hawk King Vultan in "Flash Gordon". In an otherwise barely competent acting troop, Blessed not only chewed the scenery, he probably chewed the director's chair and part of the building, but damn, he's the only reason to watch the movie. ("Oh well, who wants to live forever? DIVE!!)

So what have I missed? Again, it has to be actors that have done competent work before or after and their overacting enhance the movie instead of dragging it down.