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I don't know why it took me so long to do this but...not owning any white socks, I went out and bought some. I put them on and just walked around in the path leading up to my apartment...kind of lingered around, stomped my feet, walked by the various bushes, etc. Anyways, about three or four separate times, I looked down at my feet and saw a flea crawling all along the sock. Each time I'd squish the flea. So I think what everyone has suggested is absolutely right...they're just outside my door, likely the result of a stray animal or rodents hanging around right outside. I must be bringing them in on my clothes and then once inside they must fall off. That would probably explain why they're in the bathroom and bedroom and the living room...some days I might get home and head straight for the bathroom and they might just hop off there. I guess I'll just have to tell my property manager about this. Honestly, based on when this started happening, maybe it has to do with leaves piling up in the path in front of my apartment. Here in North Florida the fall-winter season sees a lot of leaves fall off trees. Maybe the leaves are a good place for fleas to hide. I'll have to focus on raking the leaves away too. Thank you all for your help!!