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Originally Posted by RealityChuck View Post
The best example of scenery chewing recently was the UK TV series Vicious, where Ian McKellan, Derek Jacobi, and Frances de la Tour compete to see who can chew the most.
McKellan and Jacobi can be subdued as well, though.

Robert De Niro does it in virtually every movie.

Gloria Swanson was not the first, nor was Sunset Boulevard the first film in which she did it. Donald Crisp did it in Broken Blossoms in 1919, for example, and Swanson did it in an early talkie called Indiscreet. Joan Crawford was a master of it, and so was Barbara Stanwyk, but Crawford's career reaches back to the silents.

Lucille Ball started out as a dramatic actress, and could chew scenery with the best. She has quite a list of credits before she found comedy.