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This makes sense to me based on my own experience, and I should add that I've seen fleas hopping around in the bathroom before, where there really isn't anyplace for them to hide/live/survive--it's because they hopped off ME when I brought them in.

If your apartment manager isn't helpful, you can try some inexpensive non-toxic remedies--diatomaceous earth was mentioned, but DO NOT buy the kind used for pool filtering, you want the food-grade kind. I'm skeptical myself based on poor results, but it won't hurt humans or other animals. You can also try Neem oil, which might need to be diluted with water and a little liquid soap depending what type you buy. Spray it on the foliage. It has a tangy, peanutty smell but won't hurt anything except, one hopes, the fleas (meaning it's not going to kill a pet or small child who ingests it). I feel I had better results with Neem.