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Originally Posted by teela brown View Post
I just rewatched Gangs of New York yesterday, and afterwards read some trivia on IMDB. It said DDL stayed in character all the time he was filming the movie, even when going about his personal life. He went out to dinner with Scorcese and DiCaprio, and the character terrified the waitress, who wouldn't go near him.
He apparently stayed in character while filming My Left Foot, to the point of suffering broken ribs from being hunched over for that long -- you know, while getting fed in between takes, since he couldn't do it himself. And for The Crucible, he of course didn't shower during the making of the film -- because there was no indoor plumbing in the little 1600s-type house he (a) lived in during the production, after it was (b) built with his own two hands. Though he apparently got plenty of cold water thrown on him when he was living in a jail cell for In The Name Of The Father.

They say he got so into character as Hamlet that he saw his father's ghost.