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Some great ones have already been mentioned. In fact, Lithgow in Buckaroo Banazi came to my mind just from seeing the title of the thread. He was also great in Third Rock From the Sun.

Eli Wallach is absolutely brilliant in The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly; he's not quite as manic as some of the others here, but he totally owns that movie. And I've seen him play very mild-mannered characters, including films from the same era. I almost can't believe it's the same guy.

It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World was just on TV the other day, and there's some first-class chewing going on in that; Jonathan Winters, Phil Silvers, Dick Shawn, especially Ethel Merman are standouts. Buddy Hackett is admirably restrained.

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First actor that comes to mind is George C. Scott in Dr. Strangelove.
I've read that it wasn't really his choice to play it that way. Kubrick had trouble getting Scott to play his role broadly enough. He apparently asked Scott to do a few takes with a very over-the-top performance to get the feel for it, but promised the actor that he wouldn't use them. Turned out he did put them in the film and Scott was rather angry about it. I don't like to see someone manipulated like that, but damn if they didn't make a masterpiece.