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Originally Posted by Chimera View Post
One of the worst steamboat disasters ever recorded was that of the General Slocum. The General Slocumís boiler exploded killing 958 people and injuring 175. The General Slocum explosion was one of the worst recorded, but it was hardly the first or last. From 1811 to 1851, 21 percent of river accidents were caused by explosion. Because of all the dangers, steamboats did not last long. It was rare for a steamboat to last five years. In fact, between 1830 and 1839, 272 steamboats were destroyed after less than three years of travel.
Several issues with this:

1. The General Slocum blew up in 1904, so it doesn't count for the time period involved.
2. It was a fire, not a boiler explosion.
3. The ship caught fire in the East River of New York, carrying passengers to an excursion. It was not being used for general travel.