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I'm going to move the feeder from that old bench swing set to a nearby magnolia tree soon. I'm thinking the birds can't get their footing well enough on the smooth iron, even though the feeder itself has rungs all around it.

Today I also put out some scrap meat and a metal bowl filled with water. Guess I need to keep that bowl filled all the way. I wouldn't want anyone falling in.

Unless they're way early (while we're still asleep) I haven't heard or seen any of my crow buddies yet. It may be that I'll have to "prove" myself much the way I did here with my very first post asking what the words were that end in "gry", which caused me untold heartache from some veteran Dopers who may have thought I was trolling.

So this is day two and I put out those Wild Hog Sausage scraps which, if the weather were warmer would probably get rancid after a few days.

I looked up the thread mentioned earlier in this one, and a Doper added the witticism, "Quoth The Raven, 'Eat My Shorts'." I hope that wasn't the reason he was banned!

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