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Originally Posted by Derleth View Post
For me, it's caviar. The first time I had it, back when my dad was in the Air Force Reserve and my family occasionally ate with him at the officer's club on base, it was just amazingly salty. Salt overload. I always figured "that couldn't have been good caviar, nobody would spread salt paste on crackers and call it high-class" so, when I saw some at Albertsons, I bought a tiny little jar. Well... I was right about the saltiness, but I still don't like it, because it's too fishy. Oh, well. Maybe when I'm richer and stupider I'll buy some of the truly high-class stuff and give it one last whirl.
Caviar is only considered "high-class" because it is hard to produce so therefore expensive. I like it just fine in moderation but I am not going to pay for it myself.

There are a number of exclusive foods like that. Fugu (poisonous pufferfish) is really bland. Foie gras (fattened goose liver) is sometimes tolerable but usually tastes like licking a newborn baby's diaper.

My ex-wife is one of the most foremost cheese experts in the world responsible for importing the most exotic ones to the U.S. and there are even some that she thinks are disgusting regardless of their history and backstory. I have taste tested some exotic cheeses that made me actively furious. You won't see those in the U.S. because they didn't make it but someone is making and eating them somewhere.

Just because something exists and expensive, doesn't mean that it is good.