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Originally Posted by NDP View Post
If I may go one step further, I'd say strawberries themselves. I've eaten them many times but they're almost always disappointing. They're a little tangy, a little sweet, but mostly bland. I usually end up having to add sugar or some other sweetner to them. I don't have that problem wiith other types of ripe berries and fruits.
Originally Posted by pulykamell View Post
Grocery store strawberries are like grocery store tomatoes. With few exceptions, absolutely worthless tasting mostly of water and flavorless plant cellulose with a faint aroma of the fruit in question rather than the actual fruit.
Yep. I get some strawberries in the spring from farmers who set up little stands on the side of the road, and those things are so freakin' good. Unlike anything you've every had from a conventional grocery store.

I'm with astro on olives. I really, really wish I could like them, but I just don't. They ruin anything they're in.

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