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Originally Posted by Kimstu View Post
Yup. If you need the steps, they are:

- wash the kale, if not pre-washed;
- tear into about playing-card-sized pieces, discarding stems and any wilted bits in the process;
- toss in bowl with about a tablespoon or so of olive oil, with some flavorings mixed in to the oil if you like it (mustard, garlic, vinegar are good);
- spread on baking sheet and bake in moderate oven until crispy, maybe 15-20 min.
Good God! A recipe I might actually be able to follow! (I can just barely boil water!)

(I had to Google what "moderate" is: answer seems to be 350. I haven't actually used my oven in more than five years.)

My next stupid question: does this process work with other veggies? Like, really thin flat bits of carrot, or flat leaves of lettuce, or even thin apple slices?