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Originally Posted by cochrane View Post
Even easier: Buy bag of potato chips. Tear bag open. Stick hand in bag. Pull out handful of chips. Put chips in mouth. Chew.
Exactly. And as for making kale chips for myself, beside the already stated four preparation steps, there would be:

Rinsing and drying the baking sheet, because it's dusty from non-use.

Preheating the oven, which includes painfully kneeling down on the floor to make sure the burners are going, and a lot of squinting at the thermometer, checking for it to reach the correct temperature.

Juggling hot baking sheets.

Washing awkwardly sized baking sheet manually in the sink afterwards because there's no automatic dishwasher.

Cleaning up all the water spillage because of awkwardly sized baking sheet sprays water everywhere.

Cleaning up the kitchen counter of oil and vinegar bottles, shreded kale, garlic chunks, etc.

Throwing away kale chips because nobody likes them.

I'll stick with Ruffles, thank you.

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