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Originally Posted by Trinopus View Post
Good God! A recipe I might actually be able to follow! (I can just barely boil water!)
Enjoy! This thread inspired me to bake up a big batch of kale chips this evening, with balsamic vinaigrette flavoring, and I'm crunching the last of them as I type. Crunchy crumbly bitter balsamicy goodness. Mmm.

I should have pointed out that if you don't want to mix salt into the flavored/unflavored oil you rub on the kale pieces, you can salt them after they're spread out on the baking tray.

Originally Posted by Trinopus View Post
My next stupid question: does this process work with other veggies? Like, really thin flat bits of carrot, or flat leaves of lettuce, or even thin apple slices?
You can definitely "chip-ify" any other strong leafy green exactly the same way as kale: collard greens, mustard greens, chard, etc. I have read that leaf lettuce works too, but I haven't tried it myself (mostly since I will snarf down lettuce in raw form much more readily than I will bother with cooking it).

And the internet sez that you can indeed make carrot chips in the same way. (Peel and slice them diagonally and very thinly before oiling, salting and baking.)

Apple chips I would be inclined to buy if I wanted them, rather than making at home (although as with lettuce, by the time I'm done eating raw apples there would be none left to bake). They probably hold up much better in commercial processing and packaging than leaf-chips do.