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Originally Posted by JoseB View Post
I will be the first to share a composition that terrifies the bejeezus out of me: "Threnody for the victims of Hiroshima", by Penderecki. Hell in the form of sound, using nothing but strings.

Enjoy! (For certain values of "enjoy", that is). Here is the link:
Good god yes. I heard it first in college and just freaked. When I was told that Penderecki was trying to evoke the feelings of skin blistering off in an a-bomb attack, I was like "yeah, that sounds about right."

When it comes to rock songs, it's funny - Peter Gabriel has a song called The Intruder off PG3. It's about what it sounds like: a guy breaking into a woman's room and preparing to rob and assault her. It's creepy with a great scary feel - and I can listen to it just fine. I mean, it's Peter Gabriel, known good guy and assumer of roles in his songs, so I can keep it at arm's length.

But the song by The Toadies, Possum Kingdom, freaks me right out. It's another song written from the criminal's perspective, a rapist/killer seducing his prey with promises and lies. I love the groove - the non-4/4 time keeps it off balance, and it just rocks overall - but I can't listen to it anymore.

And the video - ugh: