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I wouldn't say "scared the crap out of me", but it WAS unsettling...the "Lament" on the original 1976 concept album of Evita (with Julie Covington and "C.T.", later "Colm" Wilkinson).

This was the first version of the show I ever heard, following along with it in a published version of the London script with historical notes. (The London script, with a handful of exceptions, followed the original concept album pretty faithfully.)

The "Lament" is the last song in the album/show. Future staged versions have shortened it by about one verse and altered its ending, tacking on a short speech by Che about the fate of Eva's corpse. But the version on the original concept album is very eerie indeed. Eva sings about the choices she made in life and her justification for them--would she have lived longer if she'd chosen an ordinary life?* Between the two verses there's a mournful quote of her "ambition" theme on the flute. Then, after her last words, there's a quiet brass phrase of "Don't Cry for Me, Argentina" to symbolize her last breaths...a slight pause...and then the morticians, their voices echoing eerily, move in to begin preserving Eva's body, singing a refrain to the same music Eva had been beautified to in "Rainbow High." And silence. No huge "button". No big finale. Just those ghoulish voices fading into silence.

The second time I listened to the album, I made the mistake of listening to that song at night with the lights off...and got a few chills. Nevertheless, I still think it's the most effective version of the Evita finale I've ever heard, far more so than the staged version.

*A side note...I always scratched my head at the idea that Eva may have lived longer if she hadn't chased after fame. If she was going to get cancer, wouldn't she have gotten it even if she'd stayed in Junin all her life and married Pedro the tailor? She might even have died earlier due to poorer conditions, worse medical care, and a body weakened by a harder life.

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