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Originally Posted by WordMan View Post
"When it comes to rock songs, it's funny - Peter Gabriel has a song called The Intruder off PG3. It's about what it sounds like: a guy breaking into a woman's room and preparing to rob and assault her. It's creepy with a great scary feel - and I can listen to it just fine. I mean, it's Peter Gabriel, known good guy and assumer of roles in his songs, so I can keep it at arm's length.
Came here to mention that one. Always liked how it kicks off with that primal percussion (wouldn't be least surprised if early Buttholes sampled it), and then the weird scraping sound, (ultra slow pick-scrape with effects?) (like trying to simulate a creaking door, or something being opened), and then that awesomely atonal guitar chord.


Arthur Honegger's Pacific 231 has always filled me with a blood-curdling sense of evil empowerment, reigning down on all to suffer. Actually I like how this piece builds ominous momentum like a locomotive very gradually building up full steam ahead. There's parts in this that made me wonder if it might have been at least some inspiration for Raymond Scott's "Powerhouse", which came out only 14 years later, in 1937.
The fun starts around 1:55.

For listening to something that would sound good if you were by yourself in a very old, large, unfamiliar house in the middle of the woods at night with all the lights off, I'd highly recommend Bartok's (so much to choose from!) Adagio.
Best appreciated cranked, with as little external sounds as possible. [Hopefully you can weather out the (I thought) overly-long near-silent passages, to get to the good shit.] At 2:44 should be verrrrrry familiar and awesome nightmarish flourish building at 3:44. Couldn't ask for a more perfect visual, too, to vege out on, for this.
Heh and speaking of another possible influence for Powerhouse (which btw, came out only a year after 231), check out 4:42 - 4:47.

Normally not considered a scary number, Leaning on Everlasting Arms most definitely is, in this instance .
If I ever hear it again (anywhere else - doubtful) I sure won't be all kumbaya about it.