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Are there certain problems with our bodies that evolution will solve?

Humans are the product of billions of years of evolution, and yet there are still some problems with our bodies that it would be nice to see nature fix in the next update patch.


1) Pain- While pain seems to be pretty good at removing us from immediate danger, it's not very good at telling us how much damage we've incurred. Stubbing your toe hurts like a mortal wound, yet your body can die from the inside out from cancer and you can feel nothing until the latter stages. .

2) Fat storage-Probably because living with such abundance is fairly recent, we might have to wait awhile for this one. Why would your body just keep storing fat until you literally die from too much of a good thing? While fat has a real purpose, it seems that our bodies should say enough as enough at some point and just eliminate excess fat as waste. But no, it's killing you yet your body just merrily continues along, perfectly willing to jack you up to 600 pounds

3) Better brain-body coordination- as evolved as we are, we're more of a community than a true individual. Our brain does a pretty good job of controlling our muscular system and rational thought, but most bodily functions and regulations are inaccessible to us. Not only can't we do anything about most of them, we can't even get information on them without inventing machines that can tell us. And to get back to pain, while pain can be useful, it can also be counterproductive. When nerves start firing, wouldn't it be useful for you to be able to tell them, "Okay, I get it, I'm on fire, now let me figure out how to make myself not be on fire rather than filling my brain with nothing but pain signals."

Now assuming millions of years of natural evolution, would we expect to see some of these things get better? Or are there limitations to the process that make certain things impossible unless a higher intelligence like man intervenes?

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