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Originally Posted by adaher View Post
There are no advantages to more sophisticated brain-body coordination? Now the fat example I can see, since being overweight is unlikely to kill you before you have a chance to reproduce, but the ability to handle pain more intelligently or to regulate bodily functions more directly if necessary seems like a very useful thing for survival, in much the same way intelligence gave humans a big advantage.
Evolution has no intelligence. Survival is not correlated with breeding prospects, on the whole, in modern life since almost everyone survives to breeding age. Even people who would, by nature, die in the womb are now able to live long and reproductively-complete lives.

Probably the major factor on human evolution, at the moment, is that people who are more poorly educated and who have worse prospects in life are having more children than those who have a better education and better prospects in life. Assuming that meritocracy is involved in that distinction to at least some extent, people who are less likely to do well in life are - from an evolutionary standpoint - finding the current environment to be more suitable to their reproductive success than people who are likely to do well in all other respects.

The only other factor I can think of is how often a person spends their time drunk during their teen years. That is going to be strongly correlated to dying an early death. People who are more "social animals" or natural drunks are being selected against, perhaps.

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