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As is common, many people talk about the evolutionary process incorrectly. Only one person here so far, seems to get the jist of it.

The main thing to watch out for, often made worse by careless educators, is the use of phrasing that makes it sound as though evolution is some sort of giant FORCE or ENTITY that makes MINDFUL CHOICES, on the grounds that it "makes sense."

If you think about it from a slightly different point of view, something that you can gain great insight about it from, is by recognizing that the only reason why evolutionary change happens at all, IS BECAUSE OF HOW SLOPPY THE REPRODUCTIVE MECHANISMS ACTUALLY ARE.

If the way that a given entity reproduced was perfect, no accidental changes would occur. No mutations. And therefore no chance for some entities to be able to survive to reproduce again, when some disaster happens. Therefore zero change in the entity at all.