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Originally Posted by Sage Rat View Post
The only other factor I can think of is how often a person spends their time drunk during their teen years. That is going to be strongly correlated to dying an early death. People who are more "social animals" or natural drunks are being selected against, perhaps.
Seeing as alcohol reduces sexual inhibitions, and we're making abortion more and more inaccessible, I'd argue that natural drunks are being selected for.
Originally Posted by Francis Vaughan View Post
Perhaps the bottom line is this:

The title to the thread asked "Are there certain problems with our bodies that evolution will solve? "

The answer is yes. Evolution will select against some things that are a problem at that time or select some trait that is advantageous at that time. (Solve is perhaps a poor word however.)

Do we know what they are?

No. Not a clue. What mutations might exist in the future is unknown, and how they relate to the conditions at that time is also unknown. Pressures on features of the existing diversity of humans is also impossible to predict in the future.
What mutations may occur is an unknown, and so is the human response to them. Our pattern is to intervene and stop people from dying of mutations that we can fix or compensate for, allowing them to survive to reproductive age, and treat the infertile so that they can reproduce, as well as caring for the babies of those who die, even if they're not in our personal genetic line. So it's quite possible that human evolution will take us not in what we perceive to be a more positive direction, but a sicker, weaker one.

Evolution doesn't "care" about fit and healthy in a medical sense. A sick person in a high technology environment that allows them to reproduce is just as "fit", in an evolutionary sense, as a healthier one.