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Originally Posted by adaher View Post
1) I should have said, "Would evolution solve these problems if we were not interfering in the process?
Another point is that your examples 1 and 3 are common to all vertebrates. That's a common misconception when thinking about evolution, that human organs/systems are somehow "special" when the majority of them are not. Creationists (not accusing you of being one) will talk about the impossibility of the evolution of the human eye, but neglect to mention (or possibly even realize) that the human eye isn't all that different from the cow eye, the rabbit eye, the turtle eye, and the catfish eye (to name a but a few.) If 1 and 3 are problems that need to be solved by evolution, why assume that it will be humans that evolution solves it for, instead of cows, rabbits, turtles, or catfish? Why wouldn't it have been solved 400 million years ago with the first tetrapods and thus been inherited by everything that descended from them?

(While numbers 1 and 3 are pretty universal issues, number 2 varies from animal group to animal group, with some having more potential for fat storage than others. You won't find many fat animals in the wild, but pampered, overfed pets can and do happen.)