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Eva sings about the choices she made in life and her justification for them--would she have lived longer if she'd chosen an ordinary life?*


*A side note...I always scratched my head at the idea that Eva may have lived longer if she hadn't chased after fame. If she was going to get cancer, wouldn't she have gotten it even if she'd stayed in Junin all her life and married Pedro the tailor? She might even have died earlier due to poorer conditions, worse medical care, and a body weakened by a harder life.
Two of Juan Peron's wives died of cervical cancer: his first wife Aurelia and Eva Peron. It's very likely that he transmitted HPV to them, causing their cancer. So it's very possible that if Eva hadn't chased Peron and fame, she could have lived a long and ordinary life.

His third wife, Isabel, did not have cervical cancer, but according to this blog,

"Crasswaller states in his work ‘Peron and the Enigmas of Argentina’ that Peron and Isabel did not share a deep emotional commitment, so perhaps sexual relations between Peron and Isabel were rare or perhaps did not exist. It is also thought women are most vulnerable to HPV in their late teens to early 20s. Aurelia is thought to have married Peron when she was between seventeen and thirty and Evita at 24. Isabel, though, married Peron when she was 30, so another likelihood is Isabel was past the age where infection happens."

The Spanish wikipedia article states that Juan and Aurelia married when she was 19

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