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Originally Posted by adaher View Post
There are no advantages to more sophisticated brain-body coordination? Now the fat example I can see, since being overweight is unlikely to kill you before you have a chance to reproduce, but the ability to handle pain more intelligently or to regulate bodily functions more directly if necessary seems like a very useful thing for survival, in much the same way intelligence gave humans a big advantage.
Not really, chronic pain isn't a problem for people in their teens, 20s and 30s for the most part. Even if it is and a parent becomes disabled, that isn't going to affect whether the children survive to adulthood or mate themselves. I know someone in their 30s who has chronic pain and it is impacting her ability to be a parent. But her children will have grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles, etc. to pick up the slack. She has 2 kids. Irrelevant of whether she is disabled by chronic pain or not, both of those kids will survive until they finish puberty and I doubt it affects the quality or quantity of mates they find.

Right now Africa makes up about 14% of the human population, 1 billion out of 7 billion. By 2100 they could make up 40% of the human population, 4 billion out of 10 billion. They have more kids in Africa.

Evolution rewards whatever mates the most, and whose offspring survive to adulthood and themselves mate.

Sadly,right now evolution is selecting against positive traits like long range planning or education. Less educated women have more children. People who reflect on how serious raising a family is have less kids than people who just fuck like bunnies. Wealth is also selected against on a national level, nations with a per capita income below $6000 have far higher fertility rates than nations above this level. So right now evolution is selecting for poorer, less educated individuals. Sucks.

I do wonder if evolution would select against obesity because obese people are less sexually desirable and they have lower fertility rates. However, who knows how long that'll take. Realistically we will probably have a cure for obesity in 20-50 years, so I doubt evolution would matter much after that.

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