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Originally Posted by Mijin View Post
On lies though, it's not quite as simple as you say. One hypothesis for example is that one of the reasons Homo's brains had such a runaway increase in intelligence is because it became an issue, not of being smart enough to hunt or escape predators, but being smarter than the next man. And that being able to tell if someone was cheating you became very important.
Certainly modern humans seem to instinctively develop an idea of fair vs cheating.

Unfortunately though, for facts, it seems we put a lot of stock in who the messenger is. If it's someone we trust, or want to follow, the default is to accept what they are saying.
The key thing is our mental systems are optimized for dealing with a couple dozen to maaaybe 100 people and dealing with those same people every day of our lives.

This breaks down when asked to live in a society composed of hundreds of millions. Our concepts of Us, Them, trust, reciprocity, etc., are operating well outside their design parameters. With the predictable failure modes.

Of course there's also the problem that as humans evolved to be smarter at detecting cheating, the cheaters equally got smarter at hiding cheating.

In the modern world where cheaters can control multi-million dollar advertising campaigns the ordinary person is at further disadvantage. It doesn't matter if they're selling timeshares, toothpaste, or Trump; they can do it more effectively than many (most?) people can effectively counter.

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