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To get back to the OP - humans should not be able to turn off pain; allowing conscious control of pain levels, for example, would lead people to tune out relevant pain rather than addressing the situation. pain indicating your back is sore, you have a herniated disk - sometimes this sort of pain is intended to make you avoid placing a load on the problem area until it can heal. If you can ignore the pain and walk on your broken ankle, you are only making it worse and delaying healing time.

As for fat storage - this has only been a problem for a generation or three. For every Henry VIII who had to turn sideways to get through doors (the least of his medical problems, apparently) there were a few million Englishmen whose tendency to accumulate fat was irrelevant. Widespread obesity has only been an issue in the last half century at most and only in some areas of the Western world. So up until now, there really has not been a tendency to select against those who accumulate fat - indeed, the opposite. People who could pack away the pounds at harvest easily before winter food shortages set in, had a better survival odds.

Plus, as repeatedly pointed out, traits have to have a demonstrable effect on reproductive success to affect evolution; beer goggles notwithstanding- economics, social behaviour and technology play a greater role that genetics in reproduction rates nowadays.

(Recall a discussion - I think it was Freakonomics - that women in the end nowadays usually have as many children as they choose/plan to have. Any "oops" earlier in life just means they have fewer children later in life.)

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