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The OP has a misunderstanding about how evolution works. It's not a mechanism that drives creatures towards perfection. It's about natural (and with humans, sometimes, and in the future, unnatural) selection. What happens is that if a genetic trait appears in a population, and that trait, for some reason, gives an advantage such that more offspring survive to a breeding age, then it's likely that that trait will continue to be passed on.

There are a few different ways this can happen -- a trait can increase the survival of young, it can increase the number of offspring, or it can give an advantage in the breeding process itself.

Note that this means that a trait which can help a child reach breeding age, can actually be a disadvantage in an aging organism. Your example about fat storage, for example, is not as much of a disadvantage early in life.

Also, a trait has to actually exist for it to be passed on. Traits don't simply appear because it would be an advantage. Traits may already exist in a population, or they can appear as mutations, or they can enter from other populations (mitochondrion, for example, may have become part of animal cells from bacteria). IT may be that some creature would have a great advantage within its niche if it grew wheels instead of feet -- but DNA may be incapable of producing wheels.

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