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Originally Posted by Chronos View Post
What if you continued stealing the eggs, but then put them under another bird, or in an incubator?
They dont lay 1 egg a day year round, in winter when the day is shorter egg laying tapers off.

Dont do like the commercial farms do and light them 24/7 they just burn out and die (the hens not the lights)

Also the eggs, if at reasonable temp, are only viable for like 5 days after laying if you are going to attempt to hatch them.

Also if left alone, the hens will do that for you, they tend to clutch the eggs together and let the broody ones sit on them, at least mine do.

Chicken hens dont care much if they sit on chicken or duck or what ever eggs.
I've had a bantam seabright try to sit on a pile of eggs bigger than her and try to hatch them, she hatched 2, but was not eating so broke her of broodyness and put the rest in an incubator.

My ducks, they dont sit on anything, they drop eggs any old place too, including in the pond.

I'm not hatching anything any time soon, i have 50 chickens and 25 ducks and they are enough to contend with