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Originally Posted by DrDeth View Post
Not 100% verified, yes, but hardly tall tales. So a 500# anaconda is possible.
Possible, yes. If you're comfortable with that, I think that's fine. But myself, I'll stick with what is reasonably verified. It's repeatedly been shown that people are tremendously inaccurate at measuring these critters ( which is actually harder to do than you might think - they don't stretch out nicely for folks while alive, are hard to weigh and skins of dead ones aren't very useful because they do stetch ). There are a lot of potential contenders circulating on the internet - so for example you can find plenty of recent stories about the 18' Burmese python named Delilah in Georgia that purportedly weighs 400 lbs. But I'm kinda dubious on the accuracy of that report given that a recent 17'7" Burmese python killed in Florida weighed all of 164.5 lbs.

I don't discount that some new heavyweight champion may be out there in the wild and I'd be thrilled to see one ( hopefully not eating Jon Voight ). But I'm waiting for real conclusive proof.